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2. Cng c 1 cht khiếp nghim v k thi IELTS, nn hm ni phân tách s cng mi ngi. Mun t im cao k thi IELTS, c 1 yên rt quan tiền trng m Bear ngh ai cng bit: LUYN TP THNG XUYN. Tuy nhin, cng c 1 im cc k quan trng m a s thng khng ch trng lm. l phn t vng dng ACADEMIC (hc thut). Nn t im cao trong k thi IELTS, n luyn t vào quyn 22 nghìn t THI TOEFL/IELTS ca Harold Levine l cc k cn thit. Mi ngy ch cn hc 3 t, th lng t vng ca bn s tng ng k. S t vng ny gip bn vào c 4 phn thi LISTENING / SPEAKING / READING / WRITING. V d: Nu bn dng t: SIMULTANEOUSLY cố mang lại t AT THE SAME TIME, giỏi PORTABLE nắm cho t EASY TO CARRY tuyệt MITIGATE cố cho t LESSEN vào phn WRITING v SPEAKING th yên ổn ca bn s cao cht vt khng ng lun y. Cha k, nht l trong phn READING, nhng t trong quyn sch ny xut hin nhiu lm, v c LISTENING mãng cầu ch. S li hi ca quyn sch ny, chc chn ch Lúc no hc ri, bn mày thy r. Quyn ny (nh xut bn TPHCM) ht bn ri. Nn nu bn no cn pht th lin lc Uyn Uyn: UyenUyen
englishtime.us Tuy nhin mi tun Bear vn s post ln y đôi mươi t vào quyn sch , nu bn no xa, vn c th hc c. ng nhin mày ngi c 1 cch hc ring v tr nh khc nhau. C ngi nhn qua l nh lin, c ngi nhn hoi vn khng nh, nn Bear suggest cch hc ny, bn no thy thch hp vi mnh th p dng: 1/ Mi ngy hc 3 t: ging nh n cm vy: sng 1 t, tra 1 t, ti 1 t. Vui lng ng thy cun sch qu tốt m hc 1 ngy vi cha chc t ri ngy mai nhn li thy ngn.. ri.. b lun quyn sch giỏi ny nh. 2/ Lm sao m trc khi i ng, c th c (hoc vit) ra 3 cu v d c phụ vương t l coi nh ok. Nh l ng hc kiu: teacher : gio vin, m hy mang đến n vo cu hn hoi. Nn hc cu v d vào sch, (gip mnh bit thm nhiu t ngươi khc + quan lại st t loi, ng php ca cu) ch ng hc ngha ting Vit ri t t cu, c Khi li không đúng ng php, không đúng lun c t loi na ! 3/ C bn hi Bear, nu hc hm ni nh, ngy mai qun 3 t hc th sao. Cu tr li l: th c vic qun thoi mi! B no lm vic th phi cho n ngh ngi, c ra c v ch. Min sao, cui ngy, bn vn nh c 3 t trong ngy bn hc l OK lm ri. Lu lu n i n li nhng t hc, th s nh dẻo thi. 4/ 3 t x 7 ngy = 21 t. Nhng Bear ch post đôi mươi v.. ti ch nht nn th gin (i n kem chng hn) th no s hot ng tt hn 5/ Gii thch: Concur / 28: => Tc l t CONCUR ny xut hin trang 28 ca quyn sch. Agree, be of the same opinion => T ng ngha. V d, phn READING, trong on vn th dng t CONCUR, n lc, cu hi, ngi ta dng AGREE. Do , hc lun t ng ngha, s gip mnh c tit kyên thi gian v c nhiu p n ng trong lc lm bi thi. Hoc phn WRITING, trnh lp li t AGREE, mnh c th dng CONCUR. kin => Ngha ting Vit wWw.VipLam.Net 3. 1.Good sportsmanship requires you lớn accept the umpires decision even if you vị not concur with it. => Cu v d, c bi cnh hn hoi, d hiu. Tinch thn th thao tt i hi bn phi chp nhn quyt nh ca trng ti d mang đến bn khng vi ng ta. => Phn dch ting Vit bn no lm bing tra t (c khi vào cu v d, n li xut hin nhng t mnh khng bit), vn c th hiu c. 6/ Ghi ch: C nhiu bn, mun yên ổn cao, nhng li lm bing hc t vng, th vn c mày trong ci vng ln qun.. khng th no thot ra c. Li khuyn chn thnh ca Bear l: rng hc t vng vào quyn ny, s ci thin s lặng ng k! Sau y l 20 t đến tun ny: IELTS VOCABULARY WEEK 1Civilian / 28 : < n, adj > / s"vlin / = A person who is not a member of the armed forces, or police, or fire-fighting forces.

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( Ngi khng phi l thnh phn ca cc lc lng v trang, hoc cnh st, hoc lc lng cu ha.) Ex: Eight of the passengers were soldiers, and one was a marine; the rest were civilians. ( Tm hnh khch l lnh, 1 ngi l lnh thy, s cn li l nhng thng dn.)2.Complicated/ 28: < adj >3./ "kmplke td / = Not simple or easy; intricate ( Khng n gin hoc d dng; tinch vi v phc tp.) Ex: If some of the requirements for graduation seem complicated, see your guidance counselor. He will be glad to lớn explain them to lớn you. ( Nu nh 1 s iu kin tt nghip c v phc tp, bn hy n gp v gio s hng dn. ng ta s vui v gii thch mang lại bn.) Concur / 28: < v >4./ kn"kr / = Agree, be of the same opinion ( kin) Ex: Good sportsmanship requires you lớn accept the umpires decision even if you vì not concur with it. ( Tinh thn th thao tt i hi bn phi chp nhn quyt nh ca trng ti d mang lại bn khng vi ng ta.) Confirm / 28: < v > / kn"frm / = State or prove the truth of; substantiate ( Xc nhn, chng thc) Ex: My physician thought I had borken my wrist, & an X ray later confirmed his opinion. ( V bc s ca ti ngh rng ti b gy c tay v vic chp X quang sau xc nhn y kin ca ng l ng.) wWw.VipLam.Net 4. 5.Digress / 30: < v > / da"gress / =Turn aside, get off the main subject in speaking or writing. ( i lch, lc lúc ch chnh Lúc ni hoc vit.) Ex: At one point in his talk, the speaker digressed to lớn tell us of an incident in his childhood, but then he got right back to his topic. (C lc vào cuc ni chuyn, ngi din gi i khi ti k cho chng ti nghe 1 s vic trong thi tr th ca ng, nhng ri sau , ng tr li vi ch .) 6.7.8.Fragile / 30: < adj > / "frdal / = Easily borken; breakable; weak; frail. (D gy; c th gy, b gy; yu; mnh khnh.) Ex: The handle is fragile; it will easily break if you use too much pressure. (Tay centimet y rt mng manh; n s d dng b gy nu nh anh n xung qu mnh.) Galore / 30: < adj > / g"l : / = Plentiful; abundant (galore always follows the word it modifies) ( Nhiu; phong ph (galore lun lun i theo sau t m n phm nh) Ex: There were no failures on the final kiểm tra, but on the midterm there were failures galore. (Khng c ai rt vào k thi trc nghyên ổn cui cng, nhng vo gia kha th s ngi rt nhiu.) Genuine / 30: < adj > / "denju n / = Actually being what it is claimed or seems khổng lồ be; true; real; authentic. ( Tht s ng nh tn gi hoc ng nh ngi ta thy; tht; tht s; ch thc.) Ex: Jane wore an imitation fur coat that every one thought it was made of genuine leopard skin. (Jane mc 1 chic o lng th gi m mi ngi ngh rng n lm bng da bo tht.)9.Hostile / 30 : < adj, n > / "h sta l / = Of or relating to lớn an enemy or enemies; unfriendly ( Thuc hoc c lin quan lại n k th; khng thn hu.) Ex: It was not immediately announced whether the submarine reported off our coast was of a friendly or a hostile nation. (Ngi ta khng loan bo lp tc rng chic tu ln c bo teo xut hin nsợi khi b bin ca chng ta l ca 1 quc gia bn hay là 1 quc gia th nghch.)10.Impatient / 30: 11./ m"pent / = Not patient; not willing lớn bear delay; restless; anxious ( Khng kin nhn; khng chu c s tr hon; bn chn; lo lng.) Ex: Five minutes can seem lượt thích five hours when you are impatient. ( 5 pht c th coi nh 5 gi Khi bn nn nng, khng kin nhn.) Inter / 30: < v > / n"t: / wWw.VipLam.Net 5. Put into lớn the earth or in a grave; bury ( Chn xung t hoc vào huyt m; chn ct.) Ex: Many American heroes are interred in Arlington National Cemetery. (Nhiu anh hng nc M c an tng ngha trang quc gia Arlington.) Mitigate / 30: < v > / "mt get / = Make less severe; lessen; soften; relieve. ( Lm gim i; gim bt; lm di; lm mang đến nh nhm) Ex: With the help of novocaine, your dentist can greatly mitigate the pain of drilling. ( Nh s tr gip ca cht Novocaine, nha s ca anh c th lm gyên bt cn au rt nhiu lúc khoan rng.) Novice / 30: < n > / "nv s / = One who is new khổng lồ a field or activity; beginner ( Ngi mày gia nhp 1 lnh vc hot ng; ngi mày bt u.) Ex: Our Dance Club has two groups; one for experienced dancers and one for novices. ( Cu lc b khiu v ca chng ti c 2 nhm; 1 nhm dnh mang lại nhng ngi nhy c ghê nghyên ổn v 1 nhm dnh cho ngi ngươi bt u.) Original / 32: < adj, n > / "rd nl / = A work created firsth& and from which copies are made ( 1 cng trnh gc uc sng to lớn v t c th sao chp ra cc phin bn.) = Belonging lớn the beginning; first; earliest. ( Thuc v lc bt u; u tin; sm nht.) Ex: Most of us can buy copies of a masterpiece, but few can afford the original. ( Phn ng chng ta c th sở hữu phin bn ca cc danh tc, nhng ch c 1 s t ngi l c tin c th mua nguyn bn.) Ex: Miles Standish was one of the original colonists of Massachusetts; he cam over on the Mayflower. ( Miles Standich l một trong những nhng ngi nh c nguyn thy ti bang Massachusetts; ng ta n trn con tu ca Mayflower.) Rarity / 32: < n > / "rerti / = Something uncomtháng, infrequent, or rare ( 1 iu g khng ph bin, khng thng xuyn, hoc him) Ex: Rain in the Sahara Desert is a rarity. ( Ma sa mc Sahara l 1 iu him c.) Resume / 32: < v, n > / r"zju:m / = Begin again Bt u li Ex: School closes for the Christmas recess on December 24 and resumes on January 3. ( Trng hc ng ca vo k ngh ging sinc 24/12 v bt u li vo ngy 3/1.)wWw.VipLam.Net 6. 17.18.19.trăng tròn.Shrink / 32: < v > / r k / = Draw back; recoil ( Tht li; li li v s) Ex: Wendy shrank from the task of telling her parents about her low French mark, but she finally got the courage and told them. ( Wendy ngi khng dm ni vi phụ vương m c v lặng s thp mn Php vn ca c, nhng cui cng c c can m ni.) Sober / 32: < adj > / "sb / = Not drunk: khng say = Serious; miễn phí from excitement or exaggeration: nghyên tc; khng b kch ng hoc phng i Ex1: Our driver had refused all svào drinks because he wanted khổng lồ be sober for the trip trang chính. ( Ti x ca chng ti t bỏ ra mày thc ung c ru mnh bi v ng y mun c tnh to trong chuyn i v nh.) Ex2: When he learned of his failure, George thought of quitting school. But after sober consideration, he realized that would be unwise. ( Khi bit rng mnh thi rt, George ngh n vic thi hc. Nhng sau khoản thời gian suy ngh nghyên ổn tc, anh nhn thy rng iu l khng khn ngoan.) Suffice / 32: < v > / s"fas / = Be enough, adequate, or sufficient ( , tng ng, hoc y ) Ex: I told Dad that $3 would suffice for my school supplies. As it turned out, it was not enough. ( Ti ni vi b ti rng 3,5 la th thiết lập nhng th cn thit đến vic hc ca ti. Sau ha ra s tin y khng .) Vacant / 32: < adj > / "veknt / = Empty; unoccupied; not being used ( Trng; b trng; khng c s dng) Ex: I had to lớn stand for the first half of the performance because I could not find a vacant seat. ( Ti phi ng vào sut na bui trnh din u tin bi v ti khng tm c gh trng no.) IELTS VOCABULARY WEEK 21. Adjourn / 44: < v > / "d:n / = Close a meeting; suspover the business of a meeting; disb&. ( Kt thc cuc hp; ngng cng vic trong một phin hp, gii tn.) Ex: When we visited Washington, D.C., Congress was not in session; it had adjourned for the Thanksgiving weekkết thúc. (