Break a link to an external reference in excel

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When you break a liên kết khổng lồ the source workbook of an external reference, all formulas that use the value in the source workbook are converted to their current values. For example, if you break the links to the external reference =SUM(Annual!C10:C25), the SUM formula is replaced by the calculated value—whatever that may be. Also, because this action cannot be undone, you may want khổng lồ save sầu a version of the destination workbook as a backup.

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If you use an external data range, a parameter in the query may be using data from another workbook. You may want to check for and remove sầu any of these type of link.

Break a link

On the Data tab, in the Connections group, clichồng Edit Links.


Note: The Edit Links comm& is unavailable if your file does not contain linked information.

In the Source list, click the liên kết that you want to break.

To select multiple linked objects, hold down the CTRL key, & cliông xã each linked object.

To select all links, press Ctrl+A.

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Cliông xã Break Link.

Delete the name of a defined link

If the link used a defined name, the name is not automatically removed. You may want khổng lồ delete the name as well, by following these steps:

On the Formulas tab, in the Defined Names group, clichồng Name Manager.

In the Name Manager dialog box, cliông chồng the name that you want to change.

Clichồng the name to select it.

Cliông xã Delete.

Cliông xã OK.

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