How You Can Use The Document Map Feature Of Ms Word As A Time Saver

I want to quickly browse a Microsoft Word document that contains headings using the Document Map. However, I accidentally closed the Document Map và can"t find any way khổng lồ reopen it.

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How vị I open the Document Map in Microsoft Word?


All versions except Word 2007

Use the keyboard shortcut Alt+V+D

Word năm 2016, 2013

Word 2010

Word 2007

Word năm nhâm thìn (Mac)

On the View menu, cliông xã Draft, Web Layout, Outline, or Print Layout. On the View thực đơn, point to lớn Sidebar, & then click Navigation.

Word 2011 (Mac)

On the View menu, click Draft, Web Layout, Outline, or Print Layout. On the View menu, point to lớn Sidebar, & then cliông xã Document Map Pane.



For Mac Office 365, version 16, the answer is View thực đơn, cliông chồng Navigation Pane.

To make a shortcut for it, go Tools in the top thực đơn bar > Customize Keyboard... > View under Categories > select ViewDocumentMap > assign shortcut.

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