Rules Of Survival Guide: How To Fix Connection And Improve Performance

Battle Royale fans have been putting their time in on Rules of Survival, a free-to-play Smartphone alternative sầu to lớn PUBG for iOS and Android devices. Depending on your device, the 120-player matches in Rules of Survival may put a strain on your phone or tablet, causing performance issues. & connection problems can interfere with the gameplay experience & even cause you to lớn die prematurely in-game. This guide offers several tips that can help improve sầu performance & fix connectivity issues while playing Rules of Survival. Follow these tips to lớn alleviate high ping và

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Rules of Survival - How to Reduce and Improve Performance


Play on a Strong Wi-Fi Signal

Part of the reason you may experience or connection problems in Rules of Survival is due to playing on a poor Wi-Fi signal. Rules of Survival uses up a lot of bandwidth, so a spotty signal can lead khổng lồ performance issues. Even 4G can’t guarantee a reliable conneciton, so avoid playing Rules of Survival on cellular data and opt lớn play on a strong Wi-Fi connection instead whenever possible.

Reduce the Quality

Just like consoles and PCs, every điện thoại device has different graphical limitations. When it comes to playing a somewhat graphically demanding game lượt thích Rules of Survival, one way to lớn help improve sầu performance is khổng lồ lower the quality of the graphics in-game.

To change the visual settings in Rules of Survival, start up the game & tap on the Settings button in the lower corner. Set the visual quality khổng lồ Low, then play the game as usual to lớn see if its performance improves.

Turn Off Voice Chat

Rules of Survival features an in-game voice chat system that can be useful for players looking lớn communicate with squad members or listen khổng lồ opponents. While an integrated communication function is nice for those who use it, this feature can eat up a lot of bandwidth, causing the game to slow down & have sầu performance issues.

If you don’t use the in-game voice system, make sure to turn off all of the audio features you don’t use. The microphone should be disabled by mặc định, but you can also turn off team voice chat by tapping the audio inhỏ on the right. Don’t disable the actual game audio, though, as hearing environmental sounds can be crucial for survival.

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Server Selection

If you’re experiencing connectivity issues và in Rules of Survival, make sure you kiểm tra which server you"re on. Playing on the VPS for your region will usually reduce the amount of you experience in-game. While this is a good rule of thumb, sometimes you may still experience even on the correct hệ thống. This may be due to lớn other factors, such as high hệ thống load or other technical issues. If this is the case, you can try to lớn switch to lớn a VPS in another region to see if the problems persist.

Restart the App or Device

As with most giải pháp công nghệ, sometimes the best solution for fixing or connection problems is khổng lồ simply cthất bại things down và start over. Start by closing và re-opening just the game first, as this may be enough khổng lồ fix performance problems. If you still have connection issues, shut down your device entirely & start it up nghiencongnghe.orgain. xuất hiện Rules of Survival first upon startup to lớn ensure that the game is running alone with no other apps or processes running in the background.

Update the App

It’s always best to make sure that your device is running the lachạy thử version of Rules of Survival. Chechồng in the App Store or on Google Play to make sure you’re running the most recent version of the game. Also, make sure your device has enough stornghiencongnghe.orge space and memory to adequately update the game, as sometimes a full cabít can interfere with apps running appropriately.

Get a New Device

Sometimes poor performance can simply be chalked up to a device’s computing limitations. If there’s any question as to lớn whether your device is capable of running games smoothly, then there’s a chance you’ll run inkhổng lồ some sort of performance problems. If your device is having issues running Rules of Survival, then it may just be time khổng lồ upgrade khổng lồ a newer Mã Sản Phẩm with better processing capabilities and memory.

Keep in mind that some connectivity issues are purely in the hands of the developers at NetEase Games & may only be fixed server-side. Try out these tips the next time you play Rules of Survival, & hopefully you’ll be able to lớn fix your issues và improve sầu the game’s overall performance.