Paris Virtual Experiences

Your friends in Paris bring you history— All from the comfort of your own home!20€ per personInquire for private tour pricing

Tickle Your Tastebuds

Visit a Parisian market & café. Snacks included!100€ per personPrivate tour from 510€ per party

Versailles Triple Treat

Full day in Versailles touring Palace, both Trianons, và Marie-Antoinette’s Hamlet.Private tour from 520€ per party


Learn more about the French Resistance in Paris during WWII! This is a tour where you’ll see a few Parisian monuments, but we focus more on obscure places that you would have never guessed were connected lớn the movement65€ per personPrivate tour from 580€ per party

Jewish Paris Virtual Tour

Take in Jewish history, landmarks, & humor in this quintessential Parisian neighborhood.

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20€ per personPrivate tour from 150€ per party

Keys khổng lồ the Louvre

See all of the Louvre’s juiciest highlights on this semi-private tour.85 € per personPrivate tour from 380€ per party

The Sweet Street

Indulge your sweet tooth in a truly Parisian fashion. Great for souvenirs!100€ per personPrivate tour from 510€ per party

Very Versailles

Full day in Versailles touring gardens and palace. April – October only.Private tour from 520€ per party

Secrets of the Night

Secret legends & spooky myths lurk in the Latin Quarter.35€ per personPrivate tour from 300€ per party

Eat Like a Parisian

Get off the beaten path và discover where (and what) real Parisians eat.100€ per personPrivate tour from 510€ per party

Time Travel to lớn Montmartre

Explore Paris’s artistic history with the Moulin Rouge, Van Gogh, and more.

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35€ per personPrivate tour from 300€ per party

Louvre: trò chơi On!

A family-friendly interactive sầu tour of the Louvre’s best highlights. Perfect for children 12 and under. 69€ per personPrivate tour from 380€ per party

Orsay Only the Best

The most impressive Impressionist art collection awaits – let us show you the best of it.70€ per personPrivate tour from 380€ per party

Pere Lachaise Cemetery

Peacefully explore this famous & beautiful cemetery, trang chủ lớn the graves of Oscar Wilde, Jim Morrison, & more.50€ per personPrivate tour from 300€ per party

Paris Whirlwind by Car

See it all in this custom designed chauffeur-driven tour through Paris.Starting at 480€ per party





ITINERARY PLANNING SERVICETailor-made Paris Itinerary with detailed maps, info, and transport help for all activities.From 250 €

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CONCIERGE SERVICE A la carte help with recommendations, reservations - piông chồng our experts" brains! 45 € per hour

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PRIVATE TOURS Simple: Our tours, our guide, & only your group. You are our #1 priority!From 70 € per person

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PARIS WHIRLWIND BY CAR See it all in one day? Yes, we can do that. Let us giới thiệu all of Paris with you! From 150 € per person

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CUSTOM TOURS Custom-made walking tours tailored khổng lồ your group only, based on your desires. Inquire for pricing

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Why you"ll love us

Maybe it"s because we all just happened lớn stay in Paris after visiting years ago. Or maybe it"s our one-of-a-kind booking process that lets you choose your own start time for most tours. Perhaps it"s because our guides are hand-picked artists & performers who were born to entertain. We"ll let you decide.