Here are some ways to lớn compare Ram máy tính xách tay with ram desktop, along with how to choose the best ram for your computer

One of the most important parts of the computer is RAM, which is a computer component that has a certain importance khổng lồ determine the màn chơi of performance of the laptop và desktop. However, many people will have sầu questions that between Ram Laptop và Ram Desktop is different và the same or not?

Your questions will be answered through the article below. In this article, I will give sầu you some other points và similarities between máy tính xách tay ram và pc ram, và also help you to lớn choose better Ram for your computer.

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The similarities between Laptop RAM và RAM Desktop


As many of you know, RAM is a type of computer memory. It allows read-write access to lớn all memory locations based on the memory address and the information stored on the ram will be temporary. They will be lost when power is not provided.

Ram is mounted on laptop mainboard & PC has the main task of storing temporary information, then transferring that information to CPU for processing. If the capađô thị of the ram is higher, the more information that can be stored.

And so, the less times the CPU needs khổng lồ process data from the hard drive sầu, the more the máy tính xách tay or desktop will increase performance.


Most on the mainboard of the máy vi tính or on the pc only have 2 ram slots. By mặc định when buying a máy tính or PC case, the manufacturer has a built-in ram bar for you. The other slot depends on the need that you can nâng cấp the ram for Laptop or PC.

Also on some high-end laptops, the manufacturer also sold 2 ram bars on the mainboard always (like on smartphones), this time the upgrade will be more difficult with laptops like this. However, most of these laptops have sầu large ram capacity so upgrading is not necessary.

Compare the difference between máy vi tính ram và pc ram


Ram for máy tính và PC mainboard ram is basically the same. However the kích thước of the máy vi tính ram is shorter in size. Both types of memory will be packaged in different modules.

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Both types of memory in this computer will be packed on different modules

How lớn choose the appropriate computer RAM


Many people often think that just choosing the right ram (DDR2, DDR3, DDR4) & the capathành phố you want khổng lồ tăng cấp can be installed on the current mainboard, that is true but not enough for you to lớn upgrade the ram for your computer. me

First khổng lồ choose the right ram for your computer, you need lớn know what CPU is needed and what your mainboard is. To choose the right ram for the computer, it must be based on the ability of the mainboard to support that ram, both in type và speed of the bus.

If you are economically strong, you can choose the type of computer ram that has the maximum bus number recorded in the motherboard quote.

If you are not knowledgeable about ram and not sure, ask a counselor lớn let you know. See which CPU & Mainboard you have selected, which bus they will run at. That way you will choose the ram with the bus index equal khổng lồ or greater than the bus tốc độ that the employee has told you.

In short, if you want to choose the right ram khổng lồ nâng cấp your computer, you need to lớn know which CPU to use và your mainboard to support the bus for that type of ram. If you choose the ram type which has a higher bus index than the main board và CPU support, it will inevitably have a conflict during use.

In addition, you need lớn use a ram pair of the same capathành phố, the same number of buses to optimize the performance of the ram at the highest level. For example, you have sầu a 1066MHz bus ram and a 1333MHz bus that has a maximum of 1066MHz only.

Hopefully, the above sầu sharing will help you choose the right ram for your computer & optimize this hardware operation on your computer.