By the end of this lesson, you should be able to:Insert headers and footers on a pageDelete headers and footers from a page

Inserting headers and footers

The header and footer usually contain title & author information, dates, và page numbers. The header appears at the top of the page, while the footer appears at the bottom of the page.

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To insert a header và footer:Cliông chồng View on the menu bar.Select Header & Footer.The document will appear grayed out with a dotted Header and Footer box showing at the top & bottom of the page.Locate the Header and Footer toolbar on the page.
Type inside the dotted boxes lớn insert your header and/or footer.Clichồng Close on the Header và Footer toolbar when you're finished.




The Header và Footer toolbar

The Header và Footer toolbar contains buttons that can help you automatically enter important information in your header & footers.

Some of the useful features located on the Header & Footer Toolbar are:Insert Auto-Text: This drop-down menu shows commonly used header và footer information, including, author, page number, & date.Insert Page Numbers: This feature inserts page numbers.Insert Number of Pages: This inserts the number of pages in the entire document.Format Page Number: This opens the Page Number Format dialog box so you can format your page number in the header and footer.Insert Date.

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Insert Time.Page Setup: This opens the Page Setup dialog box so you can adjust the location of the header & footer.Switch between Header and Footer: This allows you lớn jump quickly between the header và footer on a page.Close: This closes the Header và Footer toolbar.


Deleting headers and footers

If you choose khổng lồ delete your header or footer, Word will automatically delete the header or footer within the entire document.

To delete the header or footer:Clichồng View on the thực đơn bar.Select Header and Footer.Highlight the text within the header or footer (whichever text you would like khổng lồ delete).Press Delete. The text is now removed.Clichồng Close.

You can delete the header & footer on just the first page of the document by choosing File & then Page Setup. In the Page Setup dialog box, choose the Layout Tab và place a kiểm tra mark next to Different First Page under Headers and Footers, then cliông chồng OK.


xuất hiện your document.Type your name inlớn the header.Modify the text in your header so it is 10-point Times New Roman.Put the date & time in the footer.Modify the text in your footer so it is 10-point Times New Roman.Save và cthua trận the document.